It all started when…

I had to pick a project in my sophomore year of high school that dealt with an issue going on in the world at the time. I chose the lack of menstrual hygiene in certain parts of Africa. This project led me to find that the struggle for some girls of all different ages to afford adequate menstrual hygiene is happening everywhere, including in my city. My goal was to combine things that I loved (plant-based eating, helping and coaching others, fitness, mindfulness, and self care) with making a difference in my community. ALL profits made from meal planning, fitness events, donations, and fundraisers will be put towards buying menstrual cups for teen girls in my area who can't afford them. 


How YOU can help!

  1.  Purchase a Lunette cup (a menstrual cup and company that works towards the same goal as me) **link to come in the next couple of days**
  2. If you are interested in plant based eating, purchase a meal plan HERE.
  3. Come to a fitness meet-up. You can see the schedule HERE.
  4. Donate through an online source. **Again, link to come by next week**